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Move On.

Heyy my Jantungjantung hati Paruparu dan Usususus sekalian :’) Today I want to share about my FORMER friend. Why I put Former in there? I’ll tell you the story. . . Knowing him from twitter is just perfect moment and sweet memory to be remembered. RT-ing Favourite-ing Mention-ing Unmention-ing DM-ing Stalk-ing each other day to day without any ending. One day, he teach me how to use Whatsapp (WA) which make us much more closer. We text we call we laugh we scold we troll we share everything together almost 24/7. . .We comfortly talking when we’re OTP even the distance really show a big differences there.have to naik KAPAL semua kan? I’m in SABAH and he’s in Penang. Ohh what a far? Without meeting we try to know each other better and I’ve start to fall for him sososo badly, I swear! *ini CONFESSION berani mati*He is sosososo cute with his Chinese slit slanted sepets eyes which can’t open wider. Haha :D comel tau! He is such a romantic guy but in a childish way which I think it is cool and naturally touch my heart. Okay laa kan? Even he called me “GEMS” singkatan for “GEMUK”. Okay faine faine fainee memang sweet. *nangis kejap* Everything is change on (21st August 2012, 00:00 a.m) when he propose and ask me to be his GF and I said “I DO” straightly from deep in my heart. *ohh malu* I love him day by day. He’s just complete my lonely life before (since I am single for 3years) and I am grateful to know him to share everything to own him to be loved to learn something from him and to EVERYTHING just with him. He is ANUGERAH laa for me. Blablabla. Hmm. . . WE REALLY HAD A GREAT GREAT GREAT AND SWEET SWEET SWEET MOMENT EVEN JUST FOR 20 DAYS :’(( He Have someone else. Someone better. Someone for his future. ”Cahaya Reena” is a lucky person to be his girl. I don’t simply blame him in this because I know LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP is so hard to handle. So, I have to move on. Insya-Allah! But I still believe that JODOH DI TANGAN ALLAH. Nothing impossible. Kun Fa Yakun. I wish Heyy Karl and Cahaya Reena will happy together and last forever :’) *ini yang saya harapkan if you read this* For Reena, please take a really good care of him jangan sakitkan hati dia fahami dia kenal dia jaga kesihatan dia and you are lucky, He is just perfect and I’m sure he can give you happiness. You are lucky! Lastly, semoga kekal bersama dia ;’)) For Heyy Karl, you, I’m happy for you but please pray for me :’(( I Have to move on! Take care tau. Jaga kesihatan please? Jaga pantang larang. Thanks for everything and sorry for my mistakes. Thank you I’ve learned many things from you. Lastly, I love you sepets! I really love you! ;’(( *tears flowing just like a river* So that is the story. A simple story for you guys but really touched for me. What ever happen in life to achieve happiness we have to sacrifice something ! WE HAVE TO MOVE ON. Pray to Allah. He’ll help us. # actually I have a lots to share about but there’s an error in connection just now so semua yg dcay type suddenly hilang. What a sad story right? Penat jaa tangan type banyakbanyak, tapi ini pun kira okay laa as a LUAHAN HATI. Hihi  see you in my next post. I LOVE YOU!

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