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Assalamualaikum semua. Actually jumpa article ni dekat blog TERFAKTAB. dan rasa berbesar hati untuk share pasal ni sebab macam melibatkan diri aku sendiri. MOVE ON. itu perkara yang paling aku perlukan buat masa sekarang. sangat perlukan. semua orang pernah kecewa kan? semua orang pernah jatuh. tapi takkan kamu mau terus di bawah? takkan kamu mau terus hanyut dengan kekecewaan. so, let's read about this. WE REALLY HAVE TO MOVE ON :))
Moving-on phase comes after fuckedup phase. You have to be fucked up to be ready to move on. We all agree, moving-on isn't easy. Hey, you don't deserve the one life Allah has granted just to weep forever. Get up and seek happiness. Life is worth more than weeping all your sadness. Yes, it's easier said than done. Well, being negative will just give you none.   Moving-on doesn't really mean you're getting a new one. Yes, it might work or it might just worsen. You might just fail again. Three easier-said-than-done steps of moving-on are, forget, walk on and open a new path of life. You have to remember, people can always support and teach you how to move on, but you have to help yourself first. Trust yourself that you can do it. Redha, other than staying calm and positive is one hard thing to do while in moving-on phase. However, that's the key. Accepting Allah's fate, is the key to move on.   The cold truth is, nothing beats the feeling of successfully moving-on, either with or without a new partner. What makes it even sweeter is the existence of a new partner (could be friends or family) helps you to be a much better and stronger person. That's what we call, you have got to lose badly to be paid handsomely. When you finally manage to move on, that's when you realize you can actually love someone else and commit too.   The art of moving on is don't try too hard to erase. Instead, write new story
# the best medicine to cure your broken heart named MOVE ON. Go find this medicine ASAP wherever it is. It's really works even it is difficult to find and difficult to use this medicine :')I LOVE YOU -dcay

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